Your certificate is one part, and your skill is an added advantage.

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#Journey after school is a weekly series that captures Nigerian youths’ life, struggles, ease, unemployment, and employment opportunities after graduating from universities, polytechnics, and college

Our interviewee is an entrepreneur who has been able to sustain herself financially through her hand skill since graduating from school. She shares with us her insightful journey after school – struggles, hope, and entrepreneurship.

Can we meet you, ma’am?

Okay, my name is Ikmat Oladimeji. I’m a graduate of the University of Ibadan. I studied Biology Education, and I finished school in 2018. 

But before then, I attended the federal college of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta, in 2014, where I studied Biology Integrated science.

That’s such a journey. 


How has life after school been?

Well, it hasn’t been easy. But I thank Almighty Allah because I’m moving forward strategically.

Life after school is somehow challenging. But it depends on how the individual has trained him/herself to adapt to situations around you. I had to struggle here and there to cater to my needs. 

But having a skill can help you live financially okay, pending the time you get a white-collar job.

After your NYSC, have you gotten an employment opportunity?

Employment in Nigeria? Employment is not that easy in Nigeria o, except we want to lie to ourselves. I have not gotten any white-collar job, but I’m self-employed.

If the white-collar job eventually comes, I will take it, but I’ll still have my side hustle. I need multiple streams of income.

I’m a fashion designer, I make bags, sew clothes, all kinds of clothes like abaya, kimono, and the likes – if you need travel bags, handbags, school bags, etc. I’m an expert at it.

Nice one. Are you trying to advertise yourself?


That’s what I’m doing to make ends meet. But I pray I get a white-collar job, though.

Have any challenges been searching for jobs?

Not really, I mainly apply for federal government jobs, but I haven’t gotten feedback from any of them yet.

And I don’t fancy teaching jobs, so for now, I’m enjoying what I do to sustain myself.

If you’re a graduate and waiting to get a white-collar job, I’ll advise you to get a skill, so you don’t rely on being a graduate alone. Your certificate is one part, and your skill is an added advantage.

Has this business been sufficient for you? Can you forgo searching for a white-collar job and focus on if?

Yes, I can. All I need is a considerable amount of money to establish myself. If I have money, I’ll go deeper into the business, and I’m okay.

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