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What’s your reason?

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Make money, wear classy clothes and live in paradise; after all, that’s the dream. Isn’t it? Or why do you want to make money? The goal is so big that we see ourselves owning the world. Smiles.

While some have a dream that could just be to live a comfortable life, not stupidly rich, but comfortable, I do know that nobody will want to live wretched.

I think for many, making money does seem like an achievement; it’s like the saying ‘hard work pays off in the end, but what if hard work doesn’t pay off in terms of money. What if it eventually pays off in terms of uplifting others or personal development?

We are in a crazy world.

In the journey to make it, so many people have lost it – so many youths have lost their integrity and dignity during trying periods. Some can do anything just to be in vogue.

I know of a young lad, fresh out of school, with parents that aren’t particularly rich but comfortable. The last I saw him, he has gone wild – using the latest car, wearing designer clothes, and living a crazy lifestyle. Not the typical cool guy life that I knew him to live; money does change people.

This brings me to ask – what’s your reason? Why do you want to make money so bad? 

What will you do when you eventually make it? How would you spend the money? Flaunt it? Spend it lavishly? Or build an empire that would not only be beneficial to you but to others? Think within yourself, and your answer should be the deciding factor for wanting to make it so bad.

Okay, relax. Don’t get it wrong. In the end, your hard work will eventually pay. But have it at the back of your mind that it might pay in terms of money or the value you give out. 

As good as it is to have more than enough money to spend, you should realize that it shouldn’t be a deciding factor in your happiness or lifestyle.

If your hard work eventually pays off in terms of money, then congratulations, that’s the dream. However, if it doesn’t work out that way or you feel it’s taking too long before you could gather some money, don’t overthink it.

It’s not easy working hard and then not making enough to meet all your needs, but at the same time, have you thought about how uneasy people who can’t work to meet any of their needs feel? I mean those who are physically challenged.

Overthinking about money will only make you go all out in the wrong direction sometimes. What’s the reason you want to make money so badly?

If it’s for a good course, work towards it, pray for it and justify your reason – don’t have the wrong mindset. Again, what’s your motivation?

Thank you for attending my little tedtalk.

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