What are your dreams?

I guess it’s safe to say we are all dreamers. However, it’s essential to be both a dreamer and a ‘doer.’ I remember a time in my life when I love to sit all by myself and keep dreaming, I mean, I still sit all by myself, but I don’t get to do the daydreams as I used to. I grew up.

I used to daydream about a lot of things, right from the kind of house I’d love to live, to the type of breakfast I’d love to have in the morning. I had daydreamed about my prospective husband and University life even before I got into one, and all the beautiful things there is to dream about. But hey! Who did that help? I was out a dreamer.

As time grew, and as we grow to become adults, many of us realize the importance of having a valid dream, a dream we are passionate about, a dream we are ready to pursue, and success. I mean, there must be something we’ve always exceeded at, despite being a failure about several others, there must be something we are so passionate about after taking so many things with levity, there is that thing we want to be better at, that thing we want to be known for… That ‘thing’ is your passion. And aren’t passion and dream siblings?

I have this passion for reading any literature or interesting texts; ever since I discovered reading, I want to write. There is an urge I have always got to put a pen on paper. There is this urge to be an author and for my books to one day be read. That doesn’t mean I don’t have several other things I’m passionate about, but I guess most of us are ‘multi-dreamers.’ Here is to me taking my dream a step at a time. Here is to people reading so many other beautiful things from me. Here’s to you working on your dreams. Here is to us becoming better at our games. What are your dreams?

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Mariam Olajide, mostly called by friends as 'Mori,' is passionate about reading and writing. She is a graduate of English at the Lagos State University and a postgraduate student at the University of Ibadan.
She isn't just passionate about reading and writing.

She's passionate about a world that is peaceful and free from judgementalism. As a plus, she believes in YOU - she thinks you can get lost in her blogs and be transformed for the better. *Smiles*

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