A young man probably trying to commit suicide by falling off a cliff.

Suicide – Not a reasonable option. Be a fighter and a ray of hope like Kevin swan.

“Life is funny. Just as quickly as you become comfortable in first class with the oversized leather seats and warm baked cookies, it can have you hugging the toilet bowl in the economy lavatory with the chickens and goats. Be warned, be ready.
Take it from the paralyzed guy. Always keep moving!” Kevin Swan.

The news of suicide everywhere is so devastating. I understand the need to want something desperately but not have it. But then, should suicide be the best option? What makes you think things couldn’t go from worse to the best?

The news of young, vibrant, promising men/women killing themselves is appalling. No matter what you’re going through, suicide shouldn’t be your resort; others have it worse than you. Some people live perfectly happy despite their disabilities.

When the devil whispers evil thoughts to your mind, counter the thoughts with the blessings you have instead. When you fall terribly to the ground, try to rise again. It might seem very hard, but try to conquer your fears.

Here’s a little story to raise your hope that even at the end of the tunnel, there’ll be light.

The story of the prolific writer, Kevin Swan, is worth reading, and I hope that perhaps you can draw some courage from his account.

Kevin Swan is a prolific writer with a disability known as ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) – this means his muscles become smaller and weaken progressively. The ALS also implies that he cannot move any part of his body; even when a fly sits comfortably on his mouth, he can do nothing. The worse part, he cannot even talk.

Kevin Swan uses an eye gaze tablet to communicate and mold hundreds of soul-lifting and interesting words on his medium page. The good part, he doesn’t allow his disability to weigh him down nor think about committing suicide. He instead becomes more accomplished after his disability. He is thankful for his disability in some way.

His discovery about his sickness
Kevin Swan wasn’t born with ALS; he lived a healthy life until he had his first symptoms of the ailment in 2010. He used a wheelchair because of the loss of strength in his upper body. At this point, he might have felt the confinement to the wheelchair would be something temporary – he must have had a little tinge of hope, even if it was tiny. However, his hope was short-lived as he was proven wrong by medical reports.

18months after his first symptoms, he felt strange about his body – something didn’t feel right. On the 15th of February, 2012, he went to the hospital to have a series of tests carried out on his body. And he felt genuinely grateful to be accompanied to the hospital by his mom and aunt, who have their sense of humor intact to lighten the atmosphere despite the situation.

Could it be ALS? He had often wondered.

After about 3hours of tests and waiting, the doctor confirmed his worst fears. He has ALS.

After the doctor confirmed this, he had a surge of energy, he couldn’t tell where it came from; he hops off the table and says to the doctor, “okay, now we know who we are fighting, let’s beat the son of a bitch!”

Two days after the discovery, Kevin’s best friends organized a team for an ALS walk. Kevin was shocked about the very little awareness of the sickness that was supposed to shorten his Life and make him miserable. And at that moment, he was convinced he was born to do this. And that no matter what, he’ll keep fighting. Read the full story on his medium page.

Two months after the walk, Kevin Swan decided to start a foundation called ‘A Life Story Foundation.’ A nonprofit organization. The foundation was created to create awareness and tell stories of incredible humans who chose to fight after their diagnosis of the sickness and raise money for ALS.

About late last year, the foundation raised over $1.7million for ALS research and awareness.

Kevin Swan had since come a long way; this is his 9th year of battling with the sickness, and winning. Kevin is one of the most notable fighters, literally; he lives a purposeful life despite his disability and gives a sense of hope to the hopeless through his activities.

And you want to know the most amazing part? Kevin Swan didn’t allow his disabilities to affect his love life, he met his wife, Shaina Frisch, in 2017, and a year later, they welcomed their beautiful daughter – Elliott Monroe Swan.

Some people have it tough and could quickly think their lives aren’t worth living, yet they break ground and leave an indelible mark on the earth. Why would you think suicide is the best option when others who had it worse think fighting against it is worth it.

Final thoughts
“I’m basically Iron Man. I eat from a tube, breathe on a vent, and type with my eyes,” Kevin Swan.

I think leaving you with the above line from the incredibly awesome man would be an eye-opener to the fact that suicide should never be an option. Before you complain, think of someone who basically couldn’t eat a proper meal except feed via a tube; think of the man who couldn’t hold his young daughter from falling, pick her up or ‘kick up the ball with her.’ Think of the man who sleeps right next to his loved one (his wife) and couldn’t lift a muscle to embrace her. A man that basically can’t live everyday Life like he used to. Yet, he is a fighter and never considers suicide.

Learn from whatever you’re going through; everyone has their fair share of hardships, and learn to rise again through consistency and prayers.
Remember, suicide should never be an option.

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  • This speaks directly to me, so much revelation and truth has been put to paper here, thank you so much for this.
    Keep the ball rolling Miss.
    Juliana from NY

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