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Reasons why you must never give up!

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We’ve experienced so many situations that could make us give up within a blink – but should giving up be amongst our options? 

I haven’t heard of anything getting difficult with time; it only gets better with time.

The stories of so many great people I have heard/read are full of pains, struggle, discomforts, efforts, hard work, and then triumph! 

I once heard of a young girl who had no one else but God, struggling to get herself educated in this cold economy of the country; she does all sorts of odd jobs except stealing and prostitution to remain in school.

I couldn’t help but admire her zealousness when I heard of her course of study (She’s studying pharmacy) – despite the extra year in the course, despite the excess fee she has to pay, despite the extra work she had to put in (because of the need to source for finances). Despite all that, she pushed on, not dismayed by her current troubles. 

I wouldn’t be surprised when I hear about her becoming something great in the near future -she had put in so much effort, and she’s deserving.

These are people who wouldn’t allow their background to define their future, she’s one of the record-breakers in the making, and the record breakers are people who don’t give up.

I was in a dilemma for days; I thought it would be easier never to start – giving up sometimes crossed my mind, but then I see inspiring people around me, and I read stories of them, and I’m motivated! This isn’t just talking; it’s the reality many successful people faced.

What should be your reasons for never giving up?

  1. Have the mindset that your hard work will eventually pay off

Many people believe that there’s no need to put in extra effort if it isn’t yielding anything tangible at the moment. 

It’s easier for them to accept that they wouldn’t make it because nobody in their background made it. That’s untrue. 

Sometimes in the 1980s, a small boy lived in a tiny one-room apartment with his five siblings, his father, and his two wives – that has got to be the most uncomfortable setting ever.

I couldn’t imagine reading, let alone assimilating in this kind of environment.


He had just graduated from high school – he had credits in all of his core subjects and was still thinking of his next line of action. 

With his parent’s financial situation, the best bet is for him to learn a trade even if he’s eventually going to further his studies.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to overthink as God showed up for him. He was washing his clothes outside their rented apartment when his mum, who was selling provisions in front of one of the biggest companies in Africa, informed him about a vacancy at the place.

For the job, he needed at least an SSCE certificate. What if he had given up on education because of the inconveniences? 

  1. Remain calm

He got a job as a messenger in this big company. You’ll agree with me that being a messenger isn’t the most flattering job.

Sometimes, you’re regarded in the most derogatory way. What keeps you going at such moments? Patience and determination.

He worked as a messenger for a few years. During this period, he got married to a beautiful woman and had a lovely son. 

Being a messenger wasn’t enough; he’s no different from where he came from if he remains in the same position. Luckily, his wife was a bit financially okay.

But that wasn’t enough. What reasonable man would depend solely on his wife’s money anyway? He needed a game-changer, and so he pushed forward.

  1. Zeal

When everything seems to dwindle at some point in our lives, it’s the zeal and faith we have that will keep us going at such a point.

He decided to further his studies. He was studying part-time, working full-time, and at the same time, being a father and a husband. It was a crazy combination. Yet, he pushed.

At such points, too, we mainly need a support system. His wife made it easier for him at those times.

Eventually, he graduated! And he was lucky to secure a better job with the company where he worked.

  1. The triumph

Victory mostly has its pattern. It rewards those who put in the work and work harder to achieve something with success. 

From being a messenger, he became a clerk. Afterward, his promotion became rapid due to his hard work and dedication. Soon, he became a boss. A boss!

It was always a thing of joy for him to tell his story with young people who are just coming up or facing one life struggle or the other and thinking of giving up.

He believes anyone who puts in the work can be victorious. And so, I thought, why not share it on my blog to inspire someone?


The story I shared was that of my dad. During the first week of April 2021, he retired. And his story has been an inspiration to many, including us, his children.

Are you thinking of giving up? Read up the story, and you’ll most likely have a rethink.

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