jobs in Nigeria are not about what you study but what you know.

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Our interviewee is an all-around motivated and Motivational person. He shares insightful tips about life after school – landing job opportunities, skills, and mindset. Enjoy!

Can we meet you?

Alright. I am Solomon Oluwaseun. I am a graduate of computer science from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. I graduated in 2019.

Okay. That’s relatively recent.


So, how has life after school been?

It’s been sweet to me. Just don’t depend on the government to give you work. Work on your skill.

Are you through with your service?

No, I haven’t gone for that yet, but soon.

So, what have you been doing since you graduated?

I have been working.

Without serving? Or is it a self-owned job?

Yes, it’s a self-owned job. But I recently got a 9 am – 5 pm job, and I still haven’t gone for service.

Through connections?

No, just regular online job applications. The job is based on skills, on what you can do, not on results or certificates because we wrote an exam for it.

They didn’t ask for your years of experience?

It’s one thing to have experience, and it’s another to be proficient at it. So, it was based on what we know. 

In fact, they didn’t inform us that we’ll be having a written test. When we got there, they gave us an exam, and after that, we did an interview.

Although they did ask about my working experience, I responded, and they told me that they’d get back to me.

On getting home, I got a call from the company asking me to come back to the office that evening before closing the office.


I think they wanted to know how close my place was to the office because I believe that was part of the requirements.

When I got there, HR interviewed me again, and they asked me to resume work on Monday.

Were you the only one they picked for that position?

Well, for my post, I was the only one that came for the interview. We were five but for different positions. 

Tell me about your skill, the one that helped you get the job.

I am a user tester on Fiverr. I test whether a website is ready to be used by end-users and the likes. Initially, I didn’t want to apply for the job, but I discovered that it was something that I could do when I was doing the written exam.

They were asking questions related to what I do and the computer field generally. I scored 75%.

Wow, that’s cool. You’re not just lucky; I’d say it’s because you practicalized your field of study.

Yea. My present place of work isn’t the only job I have gotten after school. I was also given an opportunity to work with another big company in Lagos, but I declined it because the pay is lesser than where I work, and they also serve us free lunch every weekday.

We thought there are few jobs in Nigeria; where are you getting these jobs? 

Laughs. I even have another one which I declined.

Another one? Please share your success secret with us. How are you getting these jobs on a platter without stressing much?

The thing is, jobs in Nigeria are not about what you study but what you know. 

For instance, for the job I got, they put out a Bsc in Computer Science placement, but they weren’t interested in my certificate; they were interested in my skills.

They didn’t even ask for my certificate. They don’t know the grade I graduated with; they were interested in what I can do.

Wow. Aside from the scarcity of jobs, could the rampant unemployment be because most University graduates are not skilled?

Yea. Most University graduates read to pass. They don’t acquire skills or practicalize their course of study.

That’s why some third-class students get jobs more quickly than first-class students.


Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you graduate with. Even the employers are more interested in what you can do and not your certificate.

Do you see yourself continuing with your job in the next three to four years, or do you want to start your company?

Well, I’ll have my company. But for now, I want to gather the experience and startup capital. You know there’s money in Nigeria.

Hmm. There’s money in Nigeria for a few intelligent people.

Yea. The company will be in the line of computers. There’s money in computers because the world has gone digital.

What words of advice will you give young graduates or people that are about to graduate?

The only advice I’ll give is for them to skill up, no matter their course of study.

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PS: I’m sorry I haven’t posted on this segment for two weeks. I just moved to a new state, and it’s not been easy getting people to interview. Thank you for your persistence.

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