Is putting pressure on yourself worth it?

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Some points in our lives feel utterly bitter; we can’t spit it out, and neither can we swallow. I see you because I am also human.

Sometimes what makes these trying periods bitter than it is, is because of the pressure society puts on us, and more importantly, the pressure we put on ourselves.

Before getting to a certain stage of our lives, most of us have set goals for our lives; we have things that we are supposed to have achieved at a certain age. We have plans mapped out. We have calculated the gains in the business we are yet to start. We have already planned out the age we want to get married. We have planned out the year we want to start procreating and many other things. But what if it doesn’t work out to your plans? The truth is, it doesn’t always work out the way we plan it. And, the fact that it didn’t happen at the planned time doesn’t mean it wouldn’t still happen.

The moment this plan doesn’t work out the way we wanted it, the greatest mistake we’ll be making is looking at someone else whose life seems much better than ours, someone whose fortune has smiled on, someone who seems to be able to meet up with their plans. You know what? They are all deceptive. Everyone has their fair share of life.

“Before I got to the certain stage of my life, I had lost all hopes. I had applied all sorts of pressure in my life that doesn’t seem to be working out for me. I had been born in poverty and lived in it. I never envisaged that I’ll be speaking where the rich are speaking, although I had always envisaged it.”

Those were words from a very wealthy man who had a difficult start and never lost all hopes. I understand that the word ‘hope’ and ‘hopeful’ are relative to so many people. There are some whose ‘hope’ is not in the monetary gain. They are hopeful that even though they are not physically strong, they’ll survive the storm. And some are hopeful for inner peace, amongst all other forms of hope.

Putting pressure on yourself doesn’t help the situation; it only complicates it. Below are some of the things pressure will bring you, and hope isn’t one of them.
* Mental health instability
* Low self-esteem
* Tendency to cheat
* Lack of proper health care (sometimes).

In final words, instead of putting pressure on yourself and obsessing over it, try this – work for it, pray for it and have faith.

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