I had to settle for a less-paying job after service.

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#Journey after school is a weekly series that captures Nigerian youths’ life, struggles, ease, unemployment, and employment opportunities after graduating from universities, polytechnics, and colleges.

Our interviewee is a graduate of Mathematics and has been teaching ever since he graduated from school. He shares his unique journey after school, and despite the hassles, he’s full of hope and determination for a better future. 

As an aside, it wasn’t effortless getting an interview scheduled with him; we had to seize the midterm break opportunity.

Can we meet you, sir?

Okay. My name is Olamide Sunkanmi (not the real name). I’m a graduate of Mathematics from the University of Ilorin.

What year did you graduate?

I graduated from the school in 2017 and finished with my service year in 2018.

Wow, that’s not quite long.

How has a life after school been?

Hmm. It’s not been smooth, but we thank God.

Yea, thank God for life.

Please share your journey with us.

Before I finished with my NYSC, I had high hopes of getting a job immediately after service, but the hopes were dashed after searching for good-paying jobs after service all to avail.

Eventually, I got a teaching job that pays a low fee. While I was serving, I got 19,800 monthly, but after graduating, I had to settle for a less-paying job. It was pathetic, but I had no choice at the time.


Are you still teaching at the school?

No, I got a better offer at a school in Abuja. 

Is the pay better there?

Not really, but I still had no choice. It was a slight improvement from my former pay, but I had to work 20hours a day.

20 hours a day?

Yeah, it’s crazy. I know

Very crazy.

And you said it’s a school?

Yea, it’s a school. I work as both the teacher and the hostel master. So I barely had time to myself. Once the students are asleep, I bring out my lesson note to update it and revise. I call my family and fiance in between. By the time I’m through, it’s already very late. And I have to wake up very early in the morning to coordinate the students for school the next day.

Do you have time to rest on weekends?

I barely do. Because there are works lined up and classes lined up for the students during weekends, I have to monitor them.

The Lord is your strength, bro.

Laughs, thanks.

How long have you been working here?

It’s been over a year now.

Do you plan to leave the place?

Yes, I am working towards it. But the plan has to be very feasible before I can drop my resignation letter. 

Does your work allow you to do other jobs aside from teaching?

No, it doesn’t. However, I have a rabbit farm that I own. I am actively involved in the business once I get back home during the holiday, but my siblings help me take care of it when I’m in school.

Okay. Are you stable financially?

No, I can’t say I am. I am not. But like I said earlier, I’m making necessary plans to become a better version of myself and working towards financial stability. And I believe my hard work will eventually pay off.

May God make it easy.


Back to your working hours, has working 20hours a day had a negative effect on your Health?

I’m a kind of healthy person. But I notice that I add weight quickly as a result of working long hours. My body reacts in a strange way to stress; instead of falling sick easily, I’m getting fatter. It’s crazy.


There must be a medical name for that.

Yea, I know. But I don’t know the medical or scientific term for it.

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  • Honestly it’s advisable to get a business and build your own system. Depending on white collar jobs just means enriching your Boss. Nice interview

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