I became fully matured after graduating from college

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#Journey after school is a weekly series that captures Nigerian youths’ life, struggles, ease, unemployment, and employment opportunities after graduating from universities, polytechnics, and colleges.

The interviewee is a trained teacher – he shared his experiences after graduating from college – getting a job, his pain point, and his hope. Enjoy!

Can we meet you?

My name is Ibrahim Jimoh. I graduated from the Federal College of Education, Abeokuta.

I studied Islamic studies and Arabic. I finished school in 2019.

How has life after school been?

Life after school has been a struggle. It can’t be compared to after high school life because we’re still dependent on our parents then.

I became fully matured after graduating from college – everyone believed I’m now an adult and shouldn’t depend on them anymore. I struggled like never before.

Are you employed?

After I graduated, my cooperating teacher, who was very fond of me, asked me to write an application letter to his school (he owned a private school. Then I interviewed, and I was given a teaching job. But after a while, I resigned.

Why did you resign?

Well… one – the pay isn’t good. Two – I was going to a Madrasah to learn more, so I decided to quit school to concentrate on my learning.

Are you still at the Madrasah, or you’re working again?

Yes, I’m working again. I did my teaching practice in Nawairudeen grammar school, and I was called back from the school to work as a PT teacher. So, that what I’m doing now.

Okay, I’d say you’re lucky to be called back. 

I hope the pay is okay?

Laughs. The question is funny. In Nigeria, no amount can suit you. Even if it’s ten million. Laughs

If you’re collecting ten million and you’re satisfied, then we need to take a critical look at your case, smiles.

You know human beings are not easily satisfied. Well, that was a joke, though. Back to the question, the pay wasn’t good. Sometimes, I begin to think that isn’t it just better to sit at home and rest than go through a lot of stress and still not make ends meet.


It’s not easy

You studied to work as a teacher; do you still see yourself continuing in that career path?

Yes, I’m a proud teacher. And I don’t want to quit that profession.

Okay, do you want to work in the private or public sector?

Well, we leave everything to God. But I want to work in the public sector. The salary will be better than the private sector’s.

So, what are your plans for that?

I plan to go for my degree fully – it’ll be part-time, though. So I can secure a part-time job while doing it.

Can’t you secure a good job with your NCE?

NCE suits teaching jobs because it shows that you’re a trained and qualified teacher. So, I can get an excellent job with my certificate. 

One word for your experience about life after school?


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