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Happy new year fam!!! But hey, no new year resolutions!

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2020 is unarguably one trying year. It came like a gentleman full of promises and left like a villain with lives and properties at its beak – whilst simultaneously changing lives for the better in a surprising way. It was such a hard year! Not an easy one.

The new decade is here – for 2021-2030, many people have begun with the new year, new me resolutions, but wait, I thought we’ve gone past that. Where did the last resolution lead you?

Many came to the last year with hopes high and heart at tranquil. The year crept in slowly and kept crawling very slowly till the very end like a snail. The new year’s resolution didn’t help many; we were left disappointed with a heart that lacked tranquility. There should be something better than new year’s resolutions; we’ll get to that.

However, as hard as the year 2020 seems, many of us had a lesson or two to learn. The year is eye-opening, and it was one year people really focus on learning and self-development.

Personally, I learned a lot of lessons. As crazy as it is, it is the year I took out time to work on my passion consciously. I took the time to learn quite a lot and still in the learning process. Although I could be a tad lazy, in the end, I’m proud of my little wins. Most importantly, I’m proud that I have a blog, and this blog is on its way to greatness. (By God’s grace).

I learned to appreciate all of God’s favors in my life – when I start to think and lament at how my efforts aren’t really yielding positively as I thought it would, I’m reminded that others had it worse. I got more thankful. I learned to appreciate the love of family. Because honestly, they were my strength. I realized how blessed I am to have loved ones who genuinely care about me regardless of the handful I could sometimes be. 2020 though hard, was a year of gratitude for me.

Some life-changing lessons in 2020 taught us.

  • The world has gone completely digital: we’ve known for a while that the world is going digital, but acknowledging the fact that it has ‘completely’ in the literal sense gone digital is what we’re yet to admit.
    It is not hearsay that those whose pockets grew fatter during the lockdown were those who owned formidable businesses online. The pandemic was a nightmare for many – what we thought wouldn’t last 2months is extending to 2021.
    Many lost their means of livelihood during the pandemic. With time, those making it in the digital space started offering online classes to people willing to join the digital space network. Thereby doubling their income.
  • Life is short: 2020 was an eye-opener in the sense that many realize how short life is. Many lost their loved ones. Some death incidents were touching to the bone marrow. We all experienced what it is to lose something or someone. The year taught us to live consciously because life is too short.
  • Find happiness in little things: The past year taught us to find happiness in every little thing. Despite how tight things were, many still learned to create happy moments for themselves. In fact, the covid was like a blessing in disguise for many. A lot of people got married to the loves of their lives, gave birth, and graduated. Amidst all the events happening around, people were somehow able to create a safe and happy space for themselves, no matter how little.
  • Reflection time: Before covid, some people are so pumped up with work that they had very little to no time to sit and reflect on their lives. Last year allowed many people to reflect and pull the magic wand in their lives.

Final thoughts:
For the most part, 2020 was tough, but there was a silver lining for many. It was hard, yet some built houses, it was hard, yet some bought cars, it was hard many got married. That shows there has got to be something they are doing, right? It isn’t about new year resolutions; it’s about taking action, being consistent, and praying harder.

I’m excited to explore this new calendar. May this year bring forth uplift and many achievements for us. May our hard work pay off, and may we find genuine happiness. HAPPY NEW YEAR FAM!!! Have a fabulous one!

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