How to become a successful freelancer in few months

If you are interested in working as a freelancer and getting all the benefits attached to it, especially financial stability, this article is for you.

Since February this year, I have been getting some mail requests to post about successful freelancing tips. Initially, I didn’t pay particular attention to it because there is much information on the topic online.

However, I believe many people want something real and relatable from an experienced and reliable person. And since I was yet to succeed at it myself, I didn’t make a post about the topic until now.

This is because sometimes last month, I finally found a reliable person, a Nigerian who used to earn fourteen thousand nairas as a factory worker but now makes roughly about a thousand dollars or more monthly from freelancing.

The good thing is, he has been at it for good seven years, making a steady income in dollars. So, it’s safe to say that he is very experienced. As a bonus, he has helped quite a couple of Nigerians to become successful freelancers as well.

I wrote this article based on the things I have been learning from him.

With the present situation in the country – scarcity of jobs, increase in the cost of foodstuffs and every other thinkable item in the market, I don’t see why Nigerians shouldn’t be on the lookout for a reliable source of income, especially freelancing in any niche of their choice to enable them to live a better life with their family.

The truth is, freelancing is a great source of income, and it’s the job most Nigerians are gradually diving into.

As a freelancer, you enjoy:

Financial independence

Quality time with your family and loved ones’

Work from your comfort zone

You get to control your workload

You get to select the project you want to work on

However, if you want to make it as a freelancer, you need some proven methods, and you have to be wise at it so that you don’t end up wasting a lot of time and money while trying to get a mastery of the freelancing field.

Let’s start with this.

The number of freelancers in Nigeria has skyrocketed – this is partly due to the covid19 pandemic. You’ve probably heard about this, but does that mean everyone doing freelancing is successful at it? No.

Freelancing site ranks those at the top higher, and the newbies have a very long journey to get to the top.

This means that as more people register on these sites and bid for offers, the hustle gets hotter. Having a freelancing job is a cool source of income generation, especially with the country’s current economic situation.

This is a simple truth – freelancing isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re not willing to master the art of becoming successful at it.If you can get the hacks to successful freelancing, you should be speaking in dollars within the next few months.

With what I have learned now, I believe there is no need to register on a freelance site if you don’t have the hacks. So what you need to do first is figure out the hacks to become a successful freelancer on the site.

If you are truly interested in freelancing, I think you should read this article written by the man I mentioned earlier.

The article explains the procedure to becoming a successful freelancer in any niche of your choice without wasting a lot of time and money.