Five productivity nuggets that work

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Does being stressed equates to productivity? I want to understand the connection between the two because I see many stressed up and overworked yet have nothing to show.

Recently I have been exerting myself most uncomfortably, hoping it’ll yield something beautiful, but at the end of each day, I can’t help but think – is this stress worth it? Can’t a little bit of effort pull off beautifully? But then, our elders say that’s how it’s done, and if you want something, you have to put in your best. Sometimes, your best won’t even be enough – in those cases, you put in extra to stand out.

Schoolwork is sapping out a lot of my energy. Most often, when I easily want to give up, these thoughts come to my mind: ‘it’s just a matter of months, and then you’re done, or I’ll think, ‘what is what doing at all, is worth doing well, but then I think again, I have other responsibilities, I have a blog that I run, I have some financial budget that I’ve set for myself, how do I do well in all of these areas as well?

So I’m tempted to ask those who have been able to manage more than one tasking job or assignment at a time and have been able to excel at it, how do you manage it?

However, for those of us who are going through stress, time management, and productivity issues, I have been able to whip some information together from my research. I’m 100% hopeful that it’ll work out fine if it’s well implemented.

Five ways to keep up your productivity level.

  1. Set a feasible goal for yourself

I discover that whenever I set a goal for myself, I do better. Especially when these goals are written out, I check them from time to time to remind myself of the needful. Importantly, ensure the goal you set to achieve is written in the order of their importance, and they’re feasible.

What’s more important? this nugget has worked for many other people before now, and that’s why it’s always included in the rule for productivity. For example, you could write out your goals before going to bed the previous night or very early in the morning.

2. Let go of the distractions.

Sometimes, even when we set a feasible goal, the distractions around won’t let us focus. In this age of the internet, our first object of distraction is our phones.

If you don’t have the heart to switch off your phone (haha), keep it on silent mode for the time you were working, or keep it away at a reasonable distance. If you can’t deal with a noisy environment while working, find a quiet environment where you know you won’t be disturbed and concentrate.

3. Discipline

I think discipline cannot be overemphasized when it comes to productivity. We’re the only ones who can train our minds to focus on the goal, aim for it, and achieve this.

The truth is, you could set a goal for yourself, avoid distractions and still sleep on it. It happens. Sometimes, you could get carried away with other things; that’s why it’s essential to focus only on the things you intend to achieve.

4. Take necessary breaks in between work.

Honestly, this is very important. Let me rephrase the question I asked in the first paragraph here, does long working hours equate to productivity? I do not think working for long hours without intermittently taking breaks will allow you to achieve many things. The body isn’t wood; therefore, it can’t work like one.

Take necessary breaks to rest, eat, drink, relax your brain and then continue. Some people are even of the opinion that you should reward yourself with something after each working hour(S), this will enable you to look forward to working because you know you’ll get some rewards at the end of the day.

5. Keep moving

It’s normal to feel stuck at times – some writers experience writer’s block. However, I have discovered that sitting down, doing nothing, and playing the victim won’t work. Instead, don’t stop moving; you could read a book, watch a movie you find interesting, have a chat with a friend(s), go for a walk or do anything positive that could channel up your energy.

Then take the next move; you’ll find out it will be much easier after this.

Idea: And then you can keep setting a goal(S) for yourself every day till you find yourself floating in productivity. 

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