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Don’t wait till you trend; not everyone will get lucky. Why not be a trend?

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In December 2020, I watched a video clip that was circulating on social media platforms. The video features a young, vibrant lady (Iyanuoluwa Adeola), and her mother. As it happens, Iyanuoluwa decided to surprise her mother with a salutary parade match taught to them at the NYSC camp. The salute was to show her genuine appreciation to her mother for seeing her through school and singlehandedly training her; the end of the video left many people emotional and teary-eyed as the mother also got teary at the end.

As the video trended, many well-meaning Nigerians and recruiters quickly asked for her credentials to be submitted to offer her a job – some even mentioned no interview needed, no connections. This is the same opportunity many graduates are looking for, but she got it on a platter. What did she do differently?
Trended her video? She never even expected it to trend. Perhaps, she was honored for honoring her mother.

A peculiar story is also the story of success Adegor. Her story is very prominent amongst many Nigerians, as the video of when she bluntly stated that she would have preferred to be flogged than being sent away from school trended online. Her outspoken yet hilarious statement endeared many people to her. Many well-meaning Nigerians also stretched out their supportive hands to her, and to top it; she was granted a scholarship.

Does this mean that if your video doesn’t trend online, you won’t find helpers? Why not make yourself a trend people emulate rather than be trending?

While some people’s success might seemingly seem like luck, they are deserving. Such is the case of the two people sighted above. That doesn’t mean you aren’t deserving too.

How do you get luckily blessed without necessarily trending?

  1. Get a hand skill – The present situation in the country doesn’t provide space for many graduates. Suppose your course of study can be practicalized without a 9-5 job, lucky you. If not, learn a hand skill. Nigeria produces about 600 000 graduates yearly. A recent study shows that about 2.9 million graduates and postgraduates are unemployed. Bottom line, learn a skill, be your C.E.O, and be part of the solution to the country’s problems.
  2. Stay focused and consistent – consistency isn’t always so easy, but it pays in the long run. Consistency wouldn’t pay off at the onset; it’s called consistency for a reason. A lot of people know Linda Ikeji as one of the most prominent bloggers in Africa, but do you know she started blogging as a hobby in a cyber cafe at a time when the internet isn’t this famous? Her consistency paved the way for her success.
  3. Reliable – Nobody banks on people who aren’t reliable. Aside from being consistent, let people be able to trust you. I get disappointed when I hear people say, ‘ those with hand skills and disappointments are one.’ Don’t normalize what is wrong.
    Most of the people who stay in business are patronized because their products and services are reliable.
  4. Deliver top-notch – Those who stick to the idiom of ‘what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.’ benefit hugely from it. One of the logic to success is creating something others can only envy, something very classy and ‘YOUnique.’
    Abiodun Tokunbo, the C.E.O of Anjy Luminee Couture, became an A-list fashion designer despite not having connections to any A-list personality at the start. Her top-notch deliveries connected her with the A-lists.
  5. Get the dollars – After the factors mentioned above are implemented. I guess it’s safe to say, ‘get the dollars.’ The problem we have is that we put this last part as the first. Many of us want to get rich quickly without putting in the work – the truth is, it doesn’t always work that way. The prominent blogger, Linda Ikeji blogged for years before she started earning through blogging. What wealthy scale is she now? She’s a billionaire!

Final thoughts
The country might seem extreme, and many youth and grownups might appear in a more drastic situation caused mostly by money depression. However, if we think about it, aren’t there people in the country who creates leads for themselves by making lemonade from lemons? Aren’t there people who made themselves luckily rich in the country? If they can do it? What stops me? What stops you?

Don’t wait till you trend; not everyone will get lucky. Be a trend!

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