Do I cover my brain because I cover my hair?

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Our interviewee for today shares her personal struggle/journey with us after school. Indeed her experience after school is insightful. Is this practice common?

Please can we meet you?

My name is Aminat Ajala. A graduate of political science at the University of Lagos. I graduated in 2016. Went for service in 2017, and by 2018, I was through with it.


What have you been doing since 2018?

Well, initially, when I graduated, I had high hopes. I never thought I’d hustle for jobs because my dad was connected, or so I thought. I didn’t know that “connection pass connection.”



So, I sent my CV to one of my dad’s friends who’s more connected. He, in turn, sent it to a telecommunications company. I thought the work had clicked already because of my connections, and I couldn’t wait to start working with this reputable company.

Also, I didn’t rely on my connections. I prepared for the interview and ensure I did my best

The interview was in three stages. We had a written exam for the first one, which I scaled through. 

The second was an oral interview with the HR representatives. The questions were quite easy, so I thought. Until they asked me, ‘do you have to cover your hair?’ I went livid. What has covering my hair got to do with work. Anyway, I answered in the affirmative. So, basically, I think I lost the job because of my dressing.

Wow. That’s…

Did you apply for jobs afterward?

Yea, I did. Some were online, and some were offline. The job opportunity in the area I live in is very little compared to Lagos. So, I had to settle for teaching even though I had vowed not to teach.


Well, it’s not that bad.

Yea, I know. Anyway, I submitted my CV to one of the big schools in my area. We had a written test and an oral interview too. But unfortunately, it was a Christian school. They asked the same about my hair covering. At this point, I was done. I can’t uncover my hair because I’m job hunting. NEVER!

That’s pathetic. It’s not as if you’re covering your brain.

I decided to look for Muslim schools around. I did an interview, and I was given a job. Although the pay was meager, I had no choice.

Are you still teaching in the school?

No, I left last year. I taught at the school for a year and a few months.

Wow. Did you get a better job?

No, I decided to go for my Masters. I’m doing my master’s at the moment. Although, I do a freelance writing job as an aside.

That’s cool. 

So, in a word, how has life after school been?


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