The EndSars Protest in Lagos


The EndSARS protest have been ongoing for years. Nigerians have been complaining of the brutality, attacks and robbery, amongst other things indicted on citizens by the special anti-robbery squad (SARS).
The outpour of support and resistance is indeed one many didn’t envisage in a long time to come.
The new wave of support and reawakening came about from a tweet from a Nigerian on Twitter. The Nigerian man tweeted about a man being shot by SARS. The tweet garnered over 10,000 retweets.
Four days after the tweet, Rinu Oduola, a media strategist, convinced other protesters to sleep outside the government house in Lagos.
And the movement started. Sigh
Let’s highlight some important happenings during this period.

A Clamour For Change
The Nigerian youths are clamouring for a long-overdue change. The protest’s hashtag is #EndSARS, #EndSWAT, but its root is so deep, the pains are so deep.
The protest goes beyond the police brutality in the country; it’s a series of bottled up emotional strains imposed on the youths by the government.
The EndSARS protest is about the brutal killings and assaults on some young creative minds, inadequate health care facilities, the low Educational structure, the unemployment in the country, lack of security, amongst other lapses.

The Need To Be Heard
The Nigerian youths are tired. They want to be heard and listened to, hence the ‘soro soke’ movement. A lot of celebrities have joined in to make the voice of the youth louder. The social media is abuzz with the ‘soro soke’ movement. And the trending topic in Nigeria at the moment is #EndSARS.
So many youths that have been harassed, gunned and affected by SARS are speaking up. The stories are pathetic, heart-wrenching and eye bugging.
How could this body of uniformed men be so badly misoriented?
How could they be so inhumane?
Why harass youths who aren’t criminals? Why kill people just for the fun of it?
Why kill the future of the country?
The youths have generated a lot of income to help fuel the movement; there are so many basic things provided at the protests such as charging points, health care and foods. Sigh
As an aside, If the youths can do these in less than a month, we can achieve much more.

Attacks On The Government
The attacks are majorly on the government. As such, the government has been dealt with in worse ways imaginable. The EndSARS protest going on across the country is crazy.
The Lagos State government has lost about 234m to the closure at the tollgates. There are reports on Cyberattacks on several governmental and financial websites such as EFCC and CBN by an anonymous group.
The protest is still ongoing, and there are claims that if the youths keep up with the energy, the UN will intervene.
This news has, however, proven to be false. The UN does not have a particular number of days to intervene in a national matter.

The Nigerian youths voices have been heard beyond the country. People in other countries are already pledging allegiance and clamouring for an end to the police brutality via social media.
Some police officials accused of harassing people have either been dismissed or demoted.
President has shown his support for the peaceful protesters and the governors has resolved to meet the protesters’ demands.

So many innocent lives have been lost in the cause of the protest. Many sick people are unable to get to the hospital as a result of the roadblocks.
What about the labouring pregnant women who couldn’t access the road? Should they be left to die to childbearing complications?
The young children who barely resumed school in a month might have been subjugated to stay at home as a result of the roadblocks.
Private school teachers, who could hardly feed during the Coronavirus pandemic in the country are back to square one?
Daily income earners means of survival has been cut short as a result of the protests, fights and roadblocks.
The protesters’ lives aren’t even safe; hoodlums are strategically placed in protest areas to cause chaos.
The bitter pill is – while some citizens are fighting for the reform of the police force, the criminals are fighting for the right to operate freely.
We all clamour for a better Nigeria.
But what has happened to constructive dialogues? Why aren’t we utilising this tool?
It seems as if a scary revolution is impending.

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  • Beautiful piece. Fine analysis of current situation in the country, the earlier the youth accede to the dialogue option with the government the better because hoodlums and miscreants have hijacked the peaceful protest and they are now causing untold hardship to the generality of Nigerians.

  • Nice writeup, but honestly, Nigeria is a zoo. We are not free anymore in Nigeria.
    This Government is pure scam.
    Well, yes Buhari said they will do something but should I shock you ma’am…our real enemy is Buhari and not just EndSars. Buhari is behind all this. All his promises, all government promises are lies and fake.
    (May all of them regret these things – cause one will surely reap what he does).
    Keep up the good work ma’am and please stay safe.

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