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Best Tested And Trusted Self-care Tips For Mental Health.

Trying times are inevitable. I mean, we all have our little downs once in a while. But you know what is evitable? The staggering emotional, mental health imbalance. Yea, you could deal with difficult times correctly without allowing it to take a toll on your mental health.

So many of us put the needs of others before ours during difficult times. But do we get better just by doing that?
We get so busy with the world that we forget that we are also important.

While empathy and human compassion are among the best human attributes ever, it is also essential to note that not considering your ‘own’ mental health can leave you mentally unstable, drained, and shattered.
While I might not be a medical doctor, I know some tested and trusted best self-care tips to deal with mental health development. Let’s get started on it.

Check-in With Your Thoughts
There’s no gainsaying you’re a reflection of your thoughts. Be kind with your thoughts, and kindness will reflect in your actions.
Let your ‘what if’s?’ be positive, and you’ll get there if your energy is channeled towards it.
Like, ‘whaf if I become a billionaire?’ yes! More like it. Affirm positive thoughts in your life.

Speak Truthfully And Act Accordingly
So much freedom comes from speaking the truth and acting accordingly. There’s this saying about lying to others but not lying to yourself.
If you find yourself continually telling a lie, it means you’re always in denial of something about yourself.
Being in denial of yourself could adversely affect your mental health.
Speak your truth, own it, and work towards becoming a better version.

Connect With Your Loved Ones
Connecting with a loved one during a difficult time is sometimes underrated. Connecting with loved ones during these times is fantastic; it makes you feel much better about yourself.
Have you ever felt calm after listening to a particular soothing voice?
You feel much better when a loved one sticks around during difficult times, right? There, you have it!
The heart moves to the presence of loved ones, and the mind tickles until it’s calm.
Feeling lonely at all times creates a gaping hole in the brain. It takes a lot of love and cares to fill it.
You don’t have anyone to call a loved one? Come on; you are not the only one – there are so many orphans with no relatives or loved ones around. In this case, you connect with your love – your passion.
Your passion will introduce you to a new set of family and loved ones.

Set Boundaries
It’s a proven fact that at least one out of four people is mentally unstable. Do NOT let people pass their strain on you.
You need to set the necessary boundaries to fix your mental health.
Set boundaries that make you breathe and have control over your life.

Lower Your Expectations
When you expect very little to nothing from anyone, you hardly get disappointed.
The truth is, not everyone is going to give back the same energy you give out. Don’t build a whole load of expectations on someone or something only to have it shattered. Go with the flow.
Shattered expectations could make you have an emotional setback. Do not allow this to happen to you.

Engage In Physical Activities
Physical activities such as doing exercises, walking, and the likes have been proven to help mental health.
Do you feel emotionally drained? Do some exercises to get your mind off it.
You’re dealing with so much anger? Why not take a stroll out till you feel better? You wouldn’t love to say or do something you’d eventually regret.
It is guaranteed you’ll feel a lot better afterward.

Express Yourself
You know one of the best self tips for mental health? Self-expression. I could identify with bottling up things inside of me. But is it healthy? No, it isn’t.
We bottle things up because we do not want to be criticized. Sometimes, we bottle things up because we do not want to hurt others, even when we’ll hitherto be hurting ourselves.
Have you ever given it a thought that your bottled up thoughts could also help someone else?
Have you ever thought of emptying your emotional strain of thoughts to someone?
Have you thought of getting better mental health?
Then it would help if you considered expressing your thoughts in Whichever way suits you best, either through speaking, writing, or other helpful ways.

Smile And Laugh
Should there be a reason why you should smile? I guess no.
Smile because it reassures the person standing next to you that you will not jump on them and strangle them. Haha. That’s an aside.
Smile because it’s healing. Smile because it relieves you and other people around of possible emotional strain.
And, from time to time, create a lively atmosphere – Laugh with family and friends. It’s soothing to mental health.

Worry Less About What Others Think
‘ What will people say?’ I guess this statement has affected a whole lot of people.
We worry so much about what others would think that we forget about what we want.
Do not be a people pleaser – you’ll never be able to please everyone. As long as you’re doing the right thing, worry less about what people will think, and you’ll feel better.

I hope you read through the tips above and get better in the journey towards better mental health development. The world deserves a better, YOU. You deserve a better YOU.



































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