Graduates throwing their graduation caps up - they are about to begin their after school journey.

actively searching for feasible means to be financially stable.

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#Journey after school is a weekly series that captures Nigerian youths’ life, struggles, ease, unemployment, and employment opportunities after graduating from universities, polytechnics, and colleges.

Our guest is a degree holder – she shares with us her experiences after school, her hopes, ups and downs, and how grateful she is to God.

Can we meet you?

Okay, my name is Tolani (not my real name). I am a graduate of linguistics at the University of Lagos.

What year did you graduate?

I graduated in 2016, went for service in 2017, and finished with service year in 2018.

Wow, I liked how you could decipher my next questions and answered them on your own.


How has your journey after school being?

Hmm… if I must be sincere, the journey after school hasn’t been a rosy one. Laughs. But we thank God still.

Yea, always give thanks to God.

So, tell me more about it

After I graduated from University, I hoped to get a job immediately after school, spoil my parents richly, and get married by 24. But…

None of the dreams come through?

Well, not to be ungrateful. Although those dreams didn’t come through, some other plans did.

What other dreams are that?

We can’t count the blessings of God, can we? I met the man I love, although I’m not married yet because of some financial constraints. 

I became skilled in some handwork and some digital marketing skills.

That’s nice. Wow. I’m glad you’re thankful for everything. There are no little blessings.


Since 2018 when you graduated, have you been able to secure a job?

As I said, I had high hopes. I had a job offer that I thought would be mine, but it didn’t click. However, I was eventually able to secure a teaching job.

Cool. Are you still teaching?

No, I stopped. Teaching isn’t lucrative in Nigeria. I was paid 15k, and the pay wasn’t regular; sometimes, they owe us two months straight.

15k? That’s ridiculous. 

Very ridiculous. We supplement our salary with lesson fees.

Hmm, it shouldn’t even be called a salary.

When did you stop teaching?

I stopped during the Corona lock-down period. Then I focused on doing things I’d love to do.

What were those things?

I learnt some skills. I learnt logo design, content writing, digital marketing, and catering.

Wow… this is nice. Have you been earning passive income through all of these skills?

Not all of the skills. But I have earned from content writing.

Is content marketing lucrative?

I’ll say content marketing is… laughs. Money making machine for some – but I’m still a newbie.

But you’ve still been able to survive financially with this skill?

Yes, I have lived on it since last year, and God has been faithful.

Thank God. I hope to learn content marketing skills from you soon.


Are you still searching actively for a corporate job?

Nah. I’m actively searching for feasible means to be financially stable.

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  • Schools ought to be scrapped b’cos they no longer add societal value to students. Imagine having B.Sc. in Accounting and yet I am now a Fashion designer.
    There is nothing in this country.

    • Unfortunately, that’s the pathetic situation of most graduates in Nigeria. However, the impact of education in our lives cannot be undermined. I’m sure you’d stand out from your contemporaries in the fashion Line who aren’t educated.

      Thanks for reading Jolade.

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