The picture is in celebration of international women's day, it's of a woman raising her head on top of the water.
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A happy International women’s day to the nation builders!

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International women’s day? Sounds nice. But I feel it shouldn’t be a day; it should be days of celebrating women’s essence; still, days of celebration wouldn’t do it justice.

‘No, you can’t do that, don’t you know you’re a girl and will one day build a home?’ My ears have been filled with things I’m supposed to do as a lady; it was frustrating that I couldn’t be so free. Honestly, I used to think they were all being hard on me. 

However, as the years pass by, I’m grateful for all of them. These thoughts and words of advice have all molded me into the young, strong lady that I am. 

There’s no denying that I hate some of these words – at some point, it made me feel less of myself. What can I do to change these things? I’m only a striving lady. Some of these words touch me to the core of my bone, but then I learned to let go of things I couldn’t change to set my mind free.

Thankfully, most of the pieces of advice and words I get from my loved ones are those that are meant to reshape my life to a better one. In my metamorphosing years, I realized that I’m not only meant to build a home but also a nation.

That’s not to say all women have had it easy. Being a woman comes with a lot of responsibility that surpasses financial capability. 

What does it entail to be a woman?

  • Being a woman means you have to be enduring. One of the essential criteria of being a strong woman is patience and endurance. 
  • Being a woman means you have to be extraordinarily careful of where you walk to and at what time of the night you walk, to avoid getting raped. 
  • But how do we explain the situation of those that are raped in their house by relatives? This so pathetic, and most rape victims live with the trauma for years.
  • Being a woman means at a specific age when your mates have started getting married and giving birth, and you are yet to achieve that milestone; you get the looks of ‘are you sure you’re alright?’ You get questions like ‘when are you getting married?’ and your head feels like exploding because you’ve been keeping it up too high.
  • Being a woman means you have to be very prayerful – prayer is a weapon for all women to fight against all odds. 
  • Africans recognize how prayerful women (mothers) are; as a matter of fact, prayer is one of their trademarks. (the praying African mother). 
  • Now, this is one thing I love about being a woman. (As an aside, not all women are prayerful – but strong women are).
  • A woman is recognized by hard work – as a woman, you do not only have to care for yourself, but you also have to care for your husband and your kids, then take care of the house chores. 
  • If you’re lucky to get a caring husband who supports you with everything, then you’re blessed.
  • However, if you’re not that lucky and you’re not financially capable of getting help, that means you have to do it yourself.
  • Being a working woman means you have to think of the best way to combine work with family. It means you have to be a walking time calculator. 

Women are the bedrock of a nation. From women, a nation comes, and women build a nation.


Once every year is not enough to celebrate women for their resilience and so many other things we couldn’t cover.

Despite all the work and load that women naturally carry, we still see many women making a difference in the world. We should celebrate International women’s day everyday.

To all the women who are having a difficult time, it wouldn’t always be all sour. Chin up and face the future with a smile. 

Know that we are meant to cross a stumbling block at some stages of our lives; cross it gracefully, don’t lose your integrity in the process

Happy international women’s day to all the wonderful women worldwide!

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