Which one would it be – going after the money bag or pursuing your dreams?

Let’s create some fantasy – close your eyes and focus on your inner thoughts, dream about one thing at a time. Go first with money, and let your mind free, think – ‘what would it feel like when you have a lot of money?’ Sure, It’d feel good. Terrific. 

Switch the thoughts to something else – to your dreams – how would you feel making money by creating value for others and fulfilling your dreams? You’ll feel fulfilled, right? Nothing beats making money through the value you offer.

Let’s look at the scenario where you don’t make money from your dreams from the onset. 

Many people feel discouraged when fortune doesn’t start their businesses; they stop halfway chasing their dreams and go for the money instead.

To be realistic, many of us want to get that money bag – to enable us to live a comfortable life and probably make us happy. 

But really, is money the height of happiness? For some reason, we might want to answer yes. But it might come as a shock that money isn’t the maximum height of joy.

We’ll take a look at some reasons why we should rather chase our dreams than go after the money bag below.

Reasons to pursue your dreams.

  • Your money status will be irrelevant if you don’t add value:

Yes, this isn’t a fib. People like Dangote, Linda Ikeji, and Funke Akindele remain significant in the country not only because of their wealth status but because of the value they’re giving out through chasing their dreams.

This value sets them aside, and people see them for what they have achieved in their lives. 

Some people say that people are more prosperous than famous rich men, but they aren’t popular. 

Shall we say they aren’t famous because they aren’t creating much value for people around them? Let’s answer the question with a more appropriate question.

 Are the rich men in your communities appreciated for their money or the value they create?

  • You feel fulfilled when you achieve a milestone:

The truth is, many people feel accomplished and fulfilled when they accomplish a milestone in their goal.

The kind of fulfillment you experience is different when you chase your dreams.

Forget the gram; many people smile at the camera but aren’t happy from within. Many stuck-up white-collar workers aren’t enjoying their work, but they love the money that comes with it. That’s not to state that all employees do not love their work, though.

When you make all the money in the world but still don’t feel fulfilled, check yourself – you’re probably not enjoying what you do to make money: Jim Carey posits that: “I wish everyone could get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of so they can see it is not the answer.”

What then is the answer? Creating values for people from your passion would be a more appropriate answer.

  • Money comes in the long run when you chase your dreams:

It’s mostly the lack of patience to focus on the goal when no money comes in that deters many people from pursuing their dreams.

Many of us think of the money aspect initially; why would we go into businesses without the money mindset? That would be ridiculous, right?

However, when chasing dreams, it will be more feasible to be fully prepared that little to nothing will come in the first few months and that it’s the value you give that will eventually bring the money in.

Many people use Linda Ikeji as an example of how chasing your dreams and passion can pay in the long run because she is a testimony to this.

Linda Ikeji started blogging at a time when the internet was not very popular. She would sometimes borrow money to go to the cafe to update content on her blog – she did this purely because of her passion for writing and because it has always been a pastime hobby of hers.

Wealth wasn’t the first thing on her mind when she was blogging—she blogged for about 6years before she could eventually get a financial breakthrough.

  • Money could be temporary:

The bitter truth is that the money you have could go as quickly as it comes. When this happens, what steps would you take?

Some will resolve to go the wrong way when the money they had dried up. 

However, for those who focus on their dreams, getting the money will be a bit hard at the start-up, but as time goes by, they would rise again through hard work and dedication, it might be slow, but it will come through.

Pursuing your dream makes you have something worthwhile to share with people: in pursuing your goals, you’ll pass through some essential phases/stages of life – these phases are what prepare you for the future. 

The experiences you pass through while trying to achieve your dreams will make you an authority in your chosen field. 

You can inspire others through your journey and create value in many’s lives by pursuing your dreams.

Final thoughts

I know some things could be easier said than done; I know that the money keeps staring at us, indirectly calling us to action, saying, ‘chase me and forget about chasing your dreams. I’m all you need.’

But the genuine part is it will not be accessible at first, but in the long run, chasing your dreams is worth it – it will add more value to your life and those around you.

So, what’s it going to be – pursue your dreams or chase after the money bag? The choice is always yours, make a good one.

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