A Fresh Start

This is like a reintroduction of me for those following me from the start. In 2020, I started a blog, and my thoughts on why I started a blog were clear to me, but they might not be so clear to other people, especially those who barely know me. You see, inwardly, I had always been a prolific writer, but I had showcased very little of my works. Although I do freelance writings, typically, that’s ghostwriting, and nobody knows who’s behind the camera. 

Starting a blog of my own was a huge challenge to me; I wanted it so much more than anything at that time, and I still do. I want to channel all of my energy into it and build something successful from scratch. I want to write my posts with my name boldly written as the writer; I want to touch peoples’ lives with my posts; I wanted so many visits to my site from people who are genuinely interested in whatever I put out.

However, what I forgot to note was that things take time, and more importantly, good things take more time. I believed I was up to something awesome, and I still believe so. So, you could imagine the frustration when I couldn’t retrieve all my previous blog posts. The story is, sometime around October/November last year, my one-year subscription for my blog ended, and although I was, fortunately, able to get back my domain name, I couldn’t recover all my previous blog posts and the refreshing comments, hence the reason I titled this new blog post ‘A fresh start.’ And I hope it’s indeed a fresh start full of beautiful notes. 

We all have that one time in our lives that all feels like a fresh new beginning, and for new beginnings and fresh starts, we are always hopeful. I hope that I get it right this time around, and I’m more hopeful that you all love my posts. Cheers to more beautiful hopes and dreams! You are permitted to dream bigger.  On this note, I officially welcome you to my blog. Please stop by more often.

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