The mystery behind the colour of your nail

You know that feeling you get when you’re about to be tested in one way or the other? The angel on your right shoulder says, ‘everything is gonna be fine.’ while the devil on the other shoulder whispers, ‘it won’t go well; just walk out now and let go of the trauma of failing.’ That was precisely how I felt sitting in the examination hall, waiting for the examiner to bring in our questions.

It was a mathematics exam, and need I say, it hasn’t been my favourite subject for a very long time. I had tried to study, but it’s not like every other subject where you could just read and pass; you need to work it – and to work, there has to be an expert to put you through. I know it’s so simple to many people though, but people like me don’t find it interesting.

Random thoughts kept coming to my head. If I could borrow a brain now, whose brain would it be? Probably my big brother’s brain – that guy is so good; he doesn’t need a textbook. Or my runaway mathematics teacher? Man, I would be relaxed by now. Or I can make do with Abdul’s, man does not need studying maths; he’s practically the mathematics guru. The last option is more like it; he literally begged to be a part of me; I guess he needs to prove it.

I decided to ease my thoughts and focus. I looked sideways at my seat partner – he was praying with hands held up in front of him. Then, I stopped. I stopped doing whatever it was I was doing when I noticed his nails.

I know it might seem like an overreaction, but It wasn’t. I haven’t seen a fingernail so black and thick. I stared hard at the nails, thinking the boy probably used a ‘Lali’ or something, but no, that was his nail’s colour. The mystery of the black, thick nails got my spirits excited for research. My findings are highlighted in the paragraphs below.

What the colour of your nails tells about your overall health

The nail colour should generally be a colour pink, with the healthy nail plate being pink and the tip being white as it grows off. The change in the colour of the nails could be an indication of a severe health complication.

As I delved into the research, I noticed other nail colours that I would have found weirder than the colour black had I seen them. The nail colours are blue, green, pale, yellow, red, brown/copper, grey, white, and purple. Each colour symbolizes different ailments – these ailments/conditions are addressed one after the other.

Black Nails

Black nails could indicate underlying health conditions such as bacterial infections, vitamin B-12 deficiency, chronic kidney disease, trauma, liver diseases, cancer, or silver deposits.

Blue Nails

Blue Nails are medically termed cyanosis. Sometimes blue nails could be caused by cold or constrictions; if the standard colour doesn’t return after warming, it might be due to a severe underlying illness. Blue Nails indicate a variety of medical conditions such as:

  • Lung and breathing challenges include asthma, long-term bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other respiratory malfunctions.
  • Raynaud’s disease: The finger and toenails whiten, then turn blue. It may alternately benumb and painful once exposed to cold.
  • Wilson’s disease – Hepatolenticular degeneration.
  • May point out an unusual elevated form of haemoglobin in the circulation.
  • Septicemia: This often occurs when there’s a bacteria infection in the bloodstream.
  • Argyria: This is caused by exposure to some chemical compounds.

Green Nails

Green nails could be caused by cleaning agents, allergies, fungal infections, bacterial infections, and chronic Emphysema.

Yellow Nails

Yellow nails may indicate: diabetes, the nicotine from cigarette addiction, chronic bronchitis, swollen Han can also cause yellow nails, respiratory disorders, which might indicate problems with the lymphatic system.

Red Nails

This color indicates high blood pressure, lung disease, stroke, heart disease, carbon monoxide poisoning, and brain hemorrhage.

Purple Nails

This colour might be indicative of congenital difficulty, deprivation of oxygen, circulatory problems.

Pale/white Nails

Pale/white may be indicative of anemia, kidney, or liver disease. White line bands across the nails may also be a pointer to protein deficiency. 

White spots on the nails can also be an indication of iron and zinc deficiency.

Gray Nails

Gray nail indicates glaucoma, Emphysema, lung disorders, edema, malnutrition, and cardio-pulmonary disease.

Nail darkening on the sides

Darkening of the nails on the sides could be a pointer to kidney disease.

Brown spots under the nails

Brown spots under the nails could be an indication of psoriasis. Also, reddish-brown spots on the fingernails can be an indication of folic acid deficiency.

Final thoughts

The article didn’t start like I was going to be discussing the underlying health issues of our nails. But it is sometimes funny that we get to learn new things and find inspiration in the oddest days/ways.

I hope you check your nails like I did mine severally while writing this post. If you notice any abnormalities or signs, please do the needful by seeing a medical expert ASAP.

Which one would it be – going after the money bag or pursuing your dreams?

Let’s create some fantasy – close your eyes and focus on your inner thoughts, dream about one thing at a time. Go first with money, and let your mind free, think – ‘what would it feel like when you have a lot of money?’ Sure, It’d feel good. Terrific. 

Switch the thoughts to something else – to your dreams – how would you feel making money by creating value for others and fulfilling your dreams? You’ll feel fulfilled, right? Nothing beats making money through the value you offer.

Let’s look at the scenario where you don’t make money from your dreams from the onset. 

Many people feel discouraged when fortune doesn’t start their businesses; they stop halfway chasing their dreams and go for the money instead.

To be realistic, many of us want to get that money bag – to enable us to live a comfortable life and probably make us happy. 

But really, is money the height of happiness? For some reason, we might want to answer yes. But it might come as a shock that money isn’t the maximum height of joy.

We’ll take a look at some reasons why we should rather chase our dreams than go after the money bag below.

Reasons to pursue your dreams.

  • Your money status will be irrelevant if you don’t add value:

Yes, this isn’t a fib. People like Dangote, Linda Ikeji, and Funke Akindele remain significant in the country not only because of their wealth status but because of the value they’re giving out through chasing their dreams.

This value sets them aside, and people see them for what they have achieved in their lives. 

Some people say that people are more prosperous than famous rich men, but they aren’t popular. 

Shall we say they aren’t famous because they aren’t creating much value for people around them? Let’s answer the question with a more appropriate question.

 Are the rich men in your communities appreciated for their money or the value they create?

  • You feel fulfilled when you achieve a milestone:

The truth is, many people feel accomplished and fulfilled when they accomplish a milestone in their goal.

The kind of fulfillment you experience is different when you chase your dreams.

Forget the gram; many people smile at the camera but aren’t happy from within. Many stuck-up white-collar workers aren’t enjoying their work, but they love the money that comes with it. That’s not to state that all employees do not love their work, though.

When you make all the money in the world but still don’t feel fulfilled, check yourself – you’re probably not enjoying what you do to make money: Jim Carey posits that: “I wish everyone could get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of so they can see it is not the answer.”

What then is the answer? Creating values for people from your passion would be a more appropriate answer.

  • Money comes in the long run when you chase your dreams:

It’s mostly the lack of patience to focus on the goal when no money comes in that deters many people from pursuing their dreams.

Many of us think of the money aspect initially; why would we go into businesses without the money mindset? That would be ridiculous, right?

However, when chasing dreams, it will be more feasible to be fully prepared that little to nothing will come in the first few months and that it’s the value you give that will eventually bring the money in.

Many people use Linda Ikeji as an example of how chasing your dreams and passion can pay in the long run because she is a testimony to this.

Linda Ikeji started blogging at a time when the internet was not very popular. She would sometimes borrow money to go to the cafe to update content on her blog – she did this purely because of her passion for writing and because it has always been a pastime hobby of hers.

Wealth wasn’t the first thing on her mind when she was blogging—she blogged for about 6years before she could eventually get a financial breakthrough.

  • Money could be temporary:

The bitter truth is that the money you have could go as quickly as it comes. When this happens, what steps would you take?

Some will resolve to go the wrong way when the money they had dried up. 

However, for those who focus on their dreams, getting the money will be a bit hard at the start-up, but as time goes by, they would rise again through hard work and dedication, it might be slow, but it will come through.

Pursuing your dream makes you have something worthwhile to share with people: in pursuing your goals, you’ll pass through some essential phases/stages of life – these phases are what prepare you for the future. 

The experiences you pass through while trying to achieve your dreams will make you an authority in your chosen field. 

You can inspire others through your journey and create value in many’s lives by pursuing your dreams.

Final thoughts

I know some things could be easier said than done; I know that the money keeps staring at us, indirectly calling us to action, saying, ‘chase me and forget about chasing your dreams. I’m all you need.’

But the genuine part is it will not be accessible at first, but in the long run, chasing your dreams is worth it – it will add more value to your life and those around you.

So, what’s it going to be – pursue your dreams or chase after the money bag? The choice is always yours, make a good one.

Whatever a lawyer with 20years of work experience can do is the same thing the person called to the bar yesterday can do.

#Journey after school is a weekly series that captures Nigerian youths’ life, struggles, ease, unemployment, and employment opportunities after graduating from universities, polytechnics, and colleges.

Our interviewee is a law graduate who is doing quite well for himself. He shared some exciting information about his profession and job experiences after school.

Can we meet you?

My name is Azeem (fake name). 

I finished at Olabisi Onabanjo University, OOU, Ago Iwoye. I read law.

What specialty of law?

In the University, we don’t specialize. We focus on all branches of law. Unless you school in the North – and you specialize in Islamic law – I’m not even sure.

When did you graduate?

I finished University in 2018 and graduated from law school in 2019.


Afterward, I served, and I finished my service year in 2020.

How has it been since you graduated?

Well, I served in a litigation firm. After NYSC, I started working with a corporate firm. I resigned from there after about 4months. However, I’m working with another litigation firm now. So, it’s been fine. I thank God.

Was there a personal reason you left or was the pay not right?

The thing is, basically, in life, you have to move forward. If you see a better offer or even for some personal reasons, you could leave your place of work. I resigned from the position on mutual agreement with my employer.

Did you get the job offers on connections?

In Nigeria, you need connections for everything. But for me, I am very fortunate. I don’t search for a job before I get one. Jobs find me; I don’t find jobs.


Wow, you’re one of those lucky people then.

Can law graduates work in any firm, or do they have to work in a law practicing firm?

Once you’re called to the bar, you’re a lawyer. Whatever a 20years lawyer can do is the same thing the person called yesterday can do.

If you don’t get a job offer from a law firm as you wanted, you can decide to start on your own, if you’re sure of yourself.

What if you don’t have the money?

You can walk up to a friendly person in a law firm and tell them you’d love to share an office space with them – they don’t have to pay you; you want to practice your profession.

But it would help if you had it for money.

Some people do it. As a lawyer, you can sit down today, and someone will call you for a job worth 100 thousand. You can wake up to be a millionaire as a lawyer.


You can sleep broke and wake up rich. I know people that do it. They only share office space; they don’t get paid. However, as a lawyer, the possibility of getting a job is 80%, but you might not like the pay.


But you can get a client that will pay you more?

That’s what it is. They can pay you 100k in your office, and you can get a client that’ll pay you 300k.

So, lawyers are doing fine without employment opportunities?

Hmm. I don’t know how you define fine.

I mean, financially okay.

Yes, at least you’ll have something to eat. 

Something about the law is, no matter what grade you graduate with, except you want to work in a top-tier law firm, you’ll get somewhere to work.


Yes. I know people that had 3rd class and pass grades from the university and are working.

Through connections, right?

Yes, through connections. Aside from that, what I think is the level of demand for lawyers is high in Nigeria. Some will say we have too many lawyers in the country – but there’s still a high demand for lawyers.

During my service year, we were 3 in the office. The workload meant for ten people is what the 3 of us would do. The workload is too much. Some employees don’t even check your credentials; once you’re called to bar, you’re a lawyer.


Please give us a more detailed insight into your life after University.

After I graduated from the university, I was very frustrated with my school because they delayed our admission to law school for about five months.

Law school was like hell for everybody. The only moment of stress for me after school was during law school.  After law school, I wanted to be depressed because I was thinking of what was next, but I was pretty fortunate like I said earlier.

What’s your advice to prospective lawyers?

Don’t give up. I know law school could be draining. I had panic attacks in law school – people cry without anyone beating them. But know that it’s a phase, and it’ll pass.

9 Reasons Working Long Hours Can Be Hazardous

As a growing child, I heard and witnessed some appalling, heart-wrenching stories/incidents which could have been avoidable. And, even as an adult, the stories are still unbelievable. It’s probably that it could have been avoidable that makes it worse. I remember this particular one; both parents are workaholics. They decided to hire a housekeeper, with the father’s brother’s support; let’s call him Lana. They thought with the uncle’s stay at their place, adequate care would be given to their children. Unfortunately, they thought wrong.

Lana and the housekeeper were shameless adults; they had sexual relations in the presence of the young, innocent kids and encouraged them to do the same. By the time the parents found out, it was all too late. The kids were addicted, and the brother eventually impregnated the sister. This is taboo, morally unjustifiable, religiously wrong, and a sin. But why do people choose long hours of work over family and their overall wellbeing?

Why do people work long hours?

The ideology of working so hard without a break to make it has been ingrained in most societies; this attitude is so bad that when nature calls and we fall asleep, we feel unproductive and lazy. But really, do long working hours make you more productive? How long of work is healthy? Or do we care so much about being a ‘zillionaire‘ that we are willing to jeopardize everything worth living for? What if the secret to being productive isn’t working long hours?

White-collar job isn’t making it easy on employees; one of the basic requirements for most jobs is working under pressure. The work environment and society judge your productivity level by the amount of time you spend working. The work environment glorifies long working hours, but does your physical and mental wellbeing glorify it? Does the havoc it wrecks in your relationship glorify it?

If we could recount stories of how long working hours have had adverse effects on family, marriages, relationships, health, and more, we’d be desperately willing to spend quality time after work before going back to it again.

The adverse effects of working long hours

  1. Broken ties with family and friend

I don’t think there is anything worth losing your family over. There are several cases of broken homes and broken friendships due to working overtime. Broken relationships could be slightly tolerable compared to the adverse effects working overtime has on such parents’ children. Many turned wayward, were sexually abused, and eventually became mentally depressed and miscreants in society.

2. Decreased productivity

Isn’t the reason for working overtime to increase productivity? But it’s however shocking that working overtime kills productivity. We think we’re working, but the brain has been shut down; the quality of work you produce will be very watery if you don’t relax your brain a while before picking up from where you stopped.

Study shows that the optimum working hours per week for productivity is 40hours per week, that is, almost 6 working hours in a day. However, every hour put in in over 40hours per week doesn’t breed productivity.

3. Overly stressed out

Working for long-overdue hours leaves a huge telltale on our bodies. The mind becomes overstressed that we barely have time to do other things. When stress sets in, other diseases are harbored. We become prey to various diseases, and we care little about people around us – people loathe you for what you’re doing to yourself. You barely have anyone to talk to because no one wants to be there for always physically and emotionally unavailable people.

4. High risk of heart attack

Many do not know that working long overdue hours could leave them with increased vulnerability to killer diseases such as heart attack. Studies show that people who work long hours have about 67% increased chances of the disease than those who work within the average working hours of about 7-8hours in a day.

5. Brain damage

Research has it that those who work for more than 55hours a week have a high chance of reduced mental skills, cannot recall words, short-term memory loss, amongst others, as opposed to those who work only for about 41hours a week. In essence: “Excessively long working hours can cause fatigue and physical and psychological stress, which potentially damage cognitive functioning.”

6. Higher risk of obesity

Another research has that people who work long hours are more susceptible to being obese than those who work for normal hours. A report says that: “Long work hours may be contributing to the rising obesity problem by reducing time for a physical activity…”

The mail online reports that “Obesity knocks 20 years of good health off your life and can accelerate death by eight years.”

7. Depression

A high level of depression could set in for people who tend to work more than the required hours in a week. As a result of long-overdue working hours, the worker has zero social life and finds it difficult to share happy and sad moments with loved ones.

8. Reduced hours of sleep and tiredness

Research has it that about 7-8hours of sleep must be enjoyed. Avoidance could lead to a high risk of severe health issues such as tiredness, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, acute myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular diseases, and the like.

9. Cancer

Studies also show that working long hours could increase cancer risk. According to an article in the British Journal of Cancer:

“Observational evidence suggests that working longer than recommended hours is linked to many behavioral cancer risk factors, such as excessive alcohol intake (Virtanen et al., 2015) and physical inactivity (Kirk and Rhodes, 2011; Angrave et al., 2015), possibly because individuals feel that they lack time to exercise because they spend extensive time at work (Escoto et al., 2012).”

Final thoughts

Working overtime is avoidable. You could be working the normal hours of about 7-8 hours a day and be twice productive as someone who works overtime. Working normal hours enables you to create time for family and loved ones, and importantly, guarantees a better health status.

If you think long working hours are the thing for you, why not sit back and strategize on your working hours for a while and see how productive you’ll be.


“There are no shortcuts. There are no easy buttons. There are no magic techniques.

You just have to do the work, damn it.

The question is…

Are you going to do it? Or are you going to sit there whining about how hard it all is and let the world pass you by?

The choice is yours.”

Jon Morrow

. . .

The quote above is from one of Jon Morrow’s articles. I guess you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you Jon Morrow is a millionaire. But would you perhaps be astonished if I told you he is disabled? You might even be more surprised if I told you that the only part of his body he can move is his eyes and lips. The other parts of his body are paralyzed.

I’ll share the story of Jon Morrow in the paragraphs below- how he is an inspiration and some essential lessons to learn from his success story.

He is disabled, yet, he’s making it and living the life. How is that even possible? I know, I know this question keeps coming to your mind about this ‘ royal awesomeness’.

Jon Morrow is a blogger. With the help of speech recognition technology, he has written many awe-spiring articles read by millions of people, and which had, in turn, made him a millionaire. He’s an inspiration to so many people.

. . .

His story
Morrow is a great storyteller. And from his inspirational articles, I’ve been able to cop this few pieces. Sit back and enjoy!

Aged one, Jon hadn’t begun to crawl, he made attempts to crawl, he tried, but, he could only try. His worried mother, Pat Morrow, decided to take her son to the hospital against everyone’s opinion that she’s probably worrying herself over nothing, and that he’ll eventually walk. I guess a mother’s instinct is something that cannot be overemphasized.

At the hospital, Mrs Morrow received the most heartbreaking news ever, her son, Jon, suffers from a neuromuscular disorder, called spinal muscular atrophy – this means as Jon grows older, he’ll grow weaker instead of stronger. At some point in his life, he’ll be unable to move. And, he’ll not be able to breathe on his own. Also, someday, he will be infected, this infection will make its way to his respiratory system, and he will have very severe pneumonia. The doctor’s words in a sum are that Jon won’t be able to survive all these past the age of 2.

Mrs Morrow, who was more perturbed and angered by the doctor’s withdrawal to her son’s fate to die, was resilient and willing to fight the battle for her son. And miraculously, 16years after, Jon suffered from 16 severe cases of pneumonia, but he didn’t die. I’m quite sure aside from the medical tours, she invested a large amount of her time praying he survives it. That Jon, survives this, is a pointer that he’s destined to live and do great things.

Mrs Morrow didn’t stop at the battle for her son to live. She fought that he be also educated when the school’s principal didn’t want disabled children around. And, when Jon could no longer lift a thing as a pen, the selfless mother made arrangements for honours students at local colleges to help with his assignments after school hours.

Over the years, Jon suffered from several broken bones, and he recovered. He spent most of his life in the hospital but remained determined to make something beautiful out of his life.

In 2006, Jon’s minivan was hit by a car that was speeding so much. The speeding vehicle sped into Jon’s minivan, breaking the entire front end of his van. Jon was pulled out with fire in his shirt and with broken legs in about fourteen places.

The battle only he could face
Throughout his growing up years, Jon realized his family had fought so many battles for/with him. He couldn’t let them down. He began to fight many battles on his own. He fought the fight to be listened to, and not merely being shoved aside because he’s disabled. He fought the battle against the stereotypical Stare and judgement given to the disabled beforehand; he fought the fight against wallowing in self-pity, destruction and depression.

The battle after the accident was, therefore, a necessary battle for him to fight and win. Jon was in the hospital for the next month, enduring the pains that came with the broken bones.

Afterward, he focused his time on rehab as doctors had predicted he’d need a year to recover. Surprisingly, Jon only used half the year. During this period, he thought about everything concerning his life. He didn’t like where he was heading, so he quit. No, he didn’t stop his life; he quit his job and sold his belongings.

After Jon quit his job, he ventured into blogging. He dedicated all his time to it – no time for T.V., no time for friends, no time to check the time, literally.

Within two months, Jon’s blog was getting about 2,000 visitors a day, and it was nominated for the best blog for business/money of the year. Few months after the recognition, Brian Clark asked him to become an associate editor of CopyBlogger – one of the most popular blogs in the world. The job offer was a lifetime opportunity for Jon, he sold his blog On Moneymaking for five figures and joined the team.

Jon Morrow is now the C.E.O. of smart bloggers and other blogs where he keeps getting his bulks. He’s such an inspiration, I know. The story above is just a miniature of what Jon story is, to get to know more about him and get inspired, check references below.

Important life-changing lessons we can learn from Morrow’s story

Don’t ever give up

Even when all odds are against you, you have to hold your head up high and say, ‘I won’t give up’ -this is first an admonishment to me before you. I know it’s easier said than done, but hey, that’s one of the reasons I shared Jon’s story. I want to be inspired, and I want you to keep being inspired.
Everyone in this life has their fair share of life’s adversity; however, we can either let the adversity win or we keep pushing till we win. Be like Jon. Be an inspiration to others.

Your dreams are valid
I know a lot of people aim so high, that they stop to look at themselves and say ‘who will Even invest you? ‘who do you know?’ ‘others can do what you’re doing better’. Just stop there. I know this because I’m among ‘a lot of people’.
Regardless of whatever it is that we’re doing, we should always have it in mind that our dreams are valid and we are what we think. Who would have ever thought that someone who couldn’t move his body from his neck down could become a millionaire through blogging? Jon is a living testimony of valid dreams. He should be an inspiration to you, if you ever think of giving up.

You are not a lost cause
If Mrs Morrow had given up on Jon, and had wallowed in self-pity and accepted her fate, I guess we might probably not know nor hear of anyone as Jon Morrow. What if Jon had conceded defeat and accepted that a disabled couldn’t make it? We’ll never hear of him.

Your case isn’t the worst-case scenario ever. No matter how bad you might think you have it, there’s someone whose case is worst than yours. Please get up, and work on yourself. Your case isn’t a lost one. Read stories filled with inspirations and be inspired!

You’re not a failure
I guess I left out that part where Jon failed at his first 3blogs; well, there, you have it. That doesn’t mean you will fail, though. But if perhaps you fail at your first attempt or on several attempts, that doesn’t label you a failure. We only become perfect after doing something for a long time. Perfection here is relative because perfection belongs to God exclusively.
And most importantly, we should draw inspiration from our failures and work smarter for the next attempt.

There will always be pains
I do not think I have heard any success stories without problems nor endurance. The success stories I have listened to are bore out of patience, persistence, and hard work, coupled with pains. I know these, because my father is a living example, he’s successful because of many things, he is successful today because he endured – he is successful because he’s patient, he worked hard from being a messenger to being a boss. Jon is a more prominent living example.

Jon had it so bad, he spent most of his years in the hospital, yet he channelled his pains in the right direction. He made lemonade out of lemons. He talked about his problems in his blog, and he inspires millions of people through channelling his pain in the right direction. You can be Jon.

Don’t dwell on negativity
Most times, we find it easier to dwell on the negative part than focus on the positive side. We sometimes forget that we are what we think. There were so many times Jon wasn’t accepted amongst the cool kids in the school; people belittle him because of his disability, he couldn’t even lift any part of his body. But did he let depression overweigh him? No. Did he settle for suicide? No. He instead decided on the positive side. He aims to make it blogging, to become one of the best in the game, and he made it.

Jon Morrow is now an inspiration to many start-up bloggers and a go-to in the blogging field. You too can make it in whatever field you venture into, as long as you focus on the positivity.

Learn always to thank God
Do you know Jon thinks his life is fantastic despite his disabilities? He finds strength and inspiration in his pains and disability. From his behaviour is a hidden grateful nature. He’s thankful for life and doesn’t even think suicide is the best option.

Life throws a little adversity at us, and we’re already blaming God. Nobody has it easy, and there are some whose cases are worse than yours – always focus on this, and your life will be alot easier. Next time, when life hits you hard, thank God because someone out there has it worse than you. Then, pray to God to help you. Hard work with God pays a lot!

Final Thoughts
I read somewhere that great stories are timeless. I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to Jon’s stories; sometimes, I need to seek inspiration. I know in years to come, Jon Morrow’s story will remain timeless, and people who come to read of his story will still see him as an inspiration. I hope someday; I’ll be another Jon Morrow, even better, who will inspire the world.

A Fresh Start

This is like a reintroduction of me for those following me from the start. In 2020, I started a blog, and my thoughts on why I started a blog were clear to me, but they might not be so clear to other people, especially those who barely know me. You see, inwardly, I had always been a prolific writer, but I had showcased very little of my works. Although I do freelance writings, typically, that’s ghostwriting, and nobody knows who’s behind the camera. 

Starting a blog of my own was a huge challenge to me; I wanted it so much more than anything at that time, and I still do. I want to channel all of my energy into it and build something successful from scratch. I want to write my posts with my name boldly written as the writer; I want to touch peoples’ lives with my posts; I wanted so many visits to my site from people who are genuinely interested in whatever I put out.

However, what I forgot to note was that things take time, and more importantly, good things take more time. I believed I was up to something awesome, and I still believe so. So, you could imagine the frustration when I couldn’t retrieve all my previous blog posts. The story is, sometime around October/November last year, my one-year subscription for my blog ended, and although I was, fortunately, able to get back my domain name, I couldn’t recover all my previous blog posts and the refreshing comments, hence the reason I titled this new blog post ‘A fresh start.’ And I hope it’s indeed a fresh start full of beautiful notes. 

We all have that one time in our lives that all feels like a fresh new beginning, and for new beginnings and fresh starts, we are always hopeful. I hope that I get it right this time around, and I’m more hopeful that you all love my posts. Cheers to more beautiful hopes and dreams! You are permitted to dream bigger.  On this note, I officially welcome you to my blog. Please stop by more often.